The Customs of Easter

The Customs Of Easter

The customs of Easter are as varied as the customs of Christmas. As with other holidays, many Easter customs were borrowed from other spring festivals and rituals. Come along with us as we explore these Easter customs.

Easter is the longest celebrated holiday in the Christian calendar, over 1700 years. Early Christians celebrated Easter long before they celebrated Christmas. The reason for this was that they knew when Jesus died, but not when He was born. However, even with this knowledge the date of Easter became an issue with the calendars used by the eastern and western orthodox churches.

The Easter season spans several weeks and includes several special days or holidays. These days start with Lent, a time of introspection and preparation, and go through Holy Week. Holy Week is followed by the Easter celebration, but that is not all. Ascension Day and Whitsun Eve follow Easter. Each of these special days have their own customs, special diets, games, pranks, and happenings.

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